Who am I? I am a Muslim Javanese–Singaporean born and bred. I no longer live there though. I am a teacher who have since diversified my trade into the world of translations and pre-publishing.

With my non-Singaporean spouse, I am currently staying in Selangor, a state in Malaysia where my spouse is an engineer in the oil and gas industry, while I run a pre-publishing company and teach on a part-time basis.

My spouse and I have not been blessed with any kids yet, and that gives us the leeway to travel extensively throughout the course of our marriage, which is now in the later half of the decade. My red Singaporean passport, in more ways than one, has been helpful in this passion of ours. We are martial artists, both of us are aikidokas and in our free time, we sell organic soaps from Nablus, Palestine, to help with the Palestinian economy. We are anti-apartheid and anti-Zionism, so please do not invite us for meals at Starbucks, Mac Donald’s or buy us anything from Tesco. Our house is actually a library where we put beds and sofas to make it more of a living space. Our lives centre around Tito, a super fat Persian breed. We try to eat organic 90% of the time.

If you know percicilan from the blogsphere, well, that’s me. Now in a new abode. Welcome.


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