Akan Datang

It is exactly a month now to Rihlah 2013. Excited much, can?
To be in the presence of Shaykh Yahya Rhodus, Shaykh Afeefuddin Jilani, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani and Imam Afroze for a solid 8 day spiritual retreat.
My thirst for their knowledge has reached the desert temperature parching my soul.
I long for their wisdom, their guidance, their knowledge, their adab, their teachings and guiding of the sacred knowledge of the deen.

May that day come safe and blessed. May Rihlah 2013 Malaysia be a success.


One thought on “Akan Datang

  1. Salam, I was Googling SeekersCircle in Malaysia and found your blog…by any chance you are in SeekersCircle Malaysia? In the SeekersGuidance website, there is only an email address of a guy, so tak tau if there is actually a SeeksersCircle ke tak in Malaysia ni…just wondering of you know 🙂 do email me if you do ok? Thanks!

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