In reality

I like watching reality shows and when I was studying Psych, we used the videos of reality shows to study body language and do character analysis as part of our group discussions during tutorials. I liked Survivor but after a while I got tired of following season after season of it. Then I followed Amazing Race and Amazing Race Asia. I loved them! I love watching the couple dynamics and see how each character either grow or regress at the end of the season. Currently, I am following Asia’s Next Top Model. It is tame, in comparison to the American version but the 14 competing girls seriously gave me a galore of character studies I wish I am back in Psych school to write a paper!

There is Kate Ma, my all time favourite. She represents Taiwan and she is half Taiwanese and half Brazillian. Kate is hilarious. She is loud. She is active. She is crazy. She is so ‘selambe badak’ that she reminds me of one of those beautiful girl next door who can get along with just about anyone, even the ahpek and the pakcik at the kedai kopi. I love her crazy-simple-no-issue persona and her hilarious deadpan humour. She is in the top 3 and tonight we will know if she wins the title.

Melissa from Malaysia reminds me of my secondary school friend who was a plain Jane but works very hard to get what she wants without once having the need to trample of anyone’s shoes. Maintaining her nice girl personality throughout, like the typical Malaysian girl that she is.

The girl from Thailand Jessica also stands out, the quiet beauty who is an epitome of natural elegance and class without having to work hard at it. She maintains her steady character throughout and while some of the girls were busy bitching about the other girls in the model house, she sits quietly and minds her own business while working hard to improve herself.

Helena Chan stands out from the beginning not because of her striking half Chinese half Swedish looks, but this girl, seemingly really sweet nice girl from Hong Kong really caught my eyes. She started out super confident, (a bit too much that she had no humility), then she started putting others down, then manipulating other girls against each other, then looking down on others saying ‘I can’t have a decent intelligent conversation with the other girls’ and then whine in her signature primadona-spoilt-brat-diva pout. She must get her way and she must win, otherwise she wouldn’t say to the camera that she didn’t perform, but her competitor ‘looked so awful how could she win the challenge?’ . And when someone else worked hard and won, she sulked and started finding fault with that girl. She is constantly saying that  she is pissed with this and that. Oh gosh, she is an expert at making up stories, appearing sweet and victimised in front of the camera interviewing her but vicious to the other girls in the house. In the end, the judges saw through all these and tried to advise her about her attitude. She couldn’t accept it and got pissed at the judges instead. In the end she got eliminated, with the parting shot by Nadya Hutagalung’ We think you are good enough on your own without having to resort to all these!’ S

When I watched Helena, I suddenly became very wary that I am upset. For a long time I wondered why I was upset until it suddenly hits me. Helena Chan reminded me too much of my ex-ward who came to stay with us- characteristically. Both of them are girls who are sweet with good hearts and a lot of potential but don’t realise that they have attitude problems. They also do not have the humility to accept ‘teguran’ or advice for them to change and be better, and everything that goes wrong is because the world is so wrong and anything that does not work for them means they have the right to be pissed, even though it is from their lack of efforts.

This is my favourite episode so far throughout the whole season. The most dramatic episode where Melissa was eliminated and Helena was scolded by Nadya in front of everyone. Nadya’s stern quiet scolding of Helena and her words on attitude problems brought back some quite recent memories of myself in the not so distance past, scolding Helena junior…


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