Take two

January is gone. It was a month of a lot of work but of adventures as well.

1. I got my spouse visa to stay here renewed and even given the forms to apply for PR.

2. I got my passport renewed at the Singapore High Comm here, my very first dealings with them since I have been staying here.

3. I forgive and move on. I deleted some negatives from my contact list too. Life is too short to dwell on negativity and to deal with hypocrisy.

4. I took note of everything that I ate, in the name of losing weight. So far still maintaining and producing results 😛

5. I tried acupuncture (not acupuncture bekam, which I  am used to) but the real acupuncture deal with them needles stuck to me for a period of time while I am on the bed. Surprisingly I enjoyed the entire experience.

6. I had an amazing time at Langkawi with the husband.

7. I wrote 3 articles all published in the magazine.

8. My best friend and partner in my company (based in Perth) spent time with me here in PJ. We had awesome time.

9. Another ex classmate from Sec 1 all the way to JC2 also based in Perth was here and we had rolling good times.

10. I finally found a house which I like very very very much during one of our numerous house viewings here but out of budget. But never mind, if it is meant for us, it will be. Ameen!





I wonder what February has in store for me. I hope it is all good. Insya Allah.


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