Bila ajal dah datang

I have been keeping myself updated about the horrific accident which happened the day before yesterday, involving two young boys and a cement truck.

Firstly, the accident was too close to my former home, which is at the junction at my parent’s house. I used to cross at the junction to go to work daily and I still do, to walk to the coffee shops/grocery shops etc whenever I am back in Singapore.

Secondly, at any point of their lives, at least a couple of my friends had taught them, as they went to the neighbourhood school in that area and I happen to have plenty of teacher friends from that school.

Thirdly, it serves as a good reminder to me. Life is precious. We can go at any point of time, not just when we are old or sick. These two kids were coming back from school on their bicycle, innocent and carefree.

Granted that there had been a few accidents at that particular junction before. Two years ago, a makcik was killed there, also in a similar accidents. Many other non fatal accidents had happened there for as long as I can remember. I blame the traffic lights. The green man signal for pedestrian crossing often changes too fast. Either vehicles speed to beat the yellow light, or the pedestrian run to get across quickly. And in freak timing, one could only guess what could happen. But all these are just asbabs (causes). When we were 4 months old in our mother’s tummy, our lifespan and how we die had already been written for us. We just do not know when and how.

With that, I pray that the parents of Nigel and Donovan to be given the lightness of heart and to know that all Tampinesians are grieving with them.


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