Renung Petang

I learned a few things of late:

An educated person may not necessarily have knowledge. On the other hand, a person of knowledge may not be a person of wisdom. An intellectual person may not be a person of character.

In my 40 days trip to Makkah and Medina last Ramadan, I met many kinds of people from just about any walks of life, any country on this earth, any social standing and any character make up. It was then I realised, the truth in the saying that what maketh a man, a man, is his distance between him and his Creator. Everything else is flawed. Because down there, I made friends (in society’s eyes) with cleaners from third world countries with character make-up and wisdom which puts me into utter shame. I have also met Phd holders whom society hold up in great esteem as ‘orang yang berpendidikan’ but are simply clueless idiots in social conducts and annoyingly lack of wisdom. Then I have met people who think they know everything but can’t seem to understand why they are left alone on the shelves and blame the world on it. Then I also met simple minded people, whose simplicity brings about a great depth of wisdom on its own. It takes all kinds, really!

Life is colourful. HE said observe and learn from it. Travel so that we would know one another and learn from one another. It’s another week to end of the first month of 2013. I think I have learnt plenty. And I will continuously learn. Insya Allah.


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