Grinding misery

The first time ever I watched LeaSalonga perform was in the musical Into The Woods. I was in my late teens I think, and I became an instant fan. When she was chosen to play Eponine for Les Miserables, there could be no other Eponine worthy to sing On My Own, THE song in Les Miserables. I remembered how I scrimped and saved my pocket money back in the early 90s to watch the musical in Kallang Theatre. The T-shirt I bought during the intermission lasted for a good 4 years before it became too ratty for me to wear out of the house.

Tonight I was miserable watching Les Miserable with Russell Crow’s and Hugh Jackman’s singing grinding on my nerves like a bad toothache. And that girl who carried On My Own didn’t do it like Salonga. At all. Nevertheless, it was a good try by Hollywood. But still.


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