Nak pergi jugak!

How has 2013 been treating you? Good I hope. I have a new obsession, I must confess. Morocco, more specifically Fez, the city of saints as it is known to be in the Muslim world. It all started when we took Sensei Hakim and his wife to watch the premier screening of Fez, The City Of Saints documentary at the Islamic Arts Museum of Malaysia on Saturday. The documentary was about Habib Umar’s da’wah tour to the city of Fez and I just fell in love it with since then. And our teacher, Shaykh Yahya Rhodus was in it with Habib Umar so it was a bit of a cheap thrill glee moment of pointing out to sensei like a child, look! That’s our teacher there! (macam budak-budak, I know, I know).

So to add to my wish list, I want to go to Fez this year, please Ya Hamid?




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