Terima Sahaja lah

First and foremost, to my dearest ‘stalker’ Pat (LOL), congratulations for your newly minted PR status of Canada. I am seriously very happy for you. Canada is in one of my to-do list since eons ago when my cousin and her entire family migrated there, as her husband wanted to seek a better future for their kids out of our tiny island. It worked for them and from PR status, they are Canadians by citizens now and I guess they are happy. You would too, Pat! Just like the pepatah Melayu: Di mana bumi di pijak, di situ langit ku junjung. I wish you and your hubby all the very best in your new lives there. Nanti aku stalk ko kat sana pulak eh? 😀

Speaking about PR status, we got a call from MUIS Haj officer a couple of days ago, bringing not so good news about our Hajj application. The ruling now states that they can only give their quota to Singapore citizens and PR holders. Since my husband is a non PR in Singapore, they are very sorry that they cannot give him Singapore quota, although he is my accompanying mahram for the Hajj. Aisehman. Sedihnya. We are not each other country’s PR holder by the way so they told us to sort this PR issues first then apply again.

So early into the year we received a no go for one of our dreams. Tapi tidak mengapa. Bukan masanya. So. Since bukan masanya untuk pergi haji, rasa-rasanya, pergi Morrocco pun elok, kan? Think Casablanca, Fez, Marrakech… (mode berangan sahaja).


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