Ketemu Lagi

Sometimes , we feel as if we are being pushed in a certain direction and we are moving in a circular motion with the same set of people going round and round in one direction. Like a cyclone. Just that this spiritual cyclone is a good one. It means we are moving in one direction with the same batch of seekers and our paths keep crossing one another’s, and then we reconnect again. It doesn’t really matter which part of the world we are from. When our paths are meant to cross, it will, by HIS grace and that meeting would definitely produce something insya Allah.

Years ago, husband and I attended a workshop by Bridges Foundation and we met sidi Ahmad Saad, who was assisting sidi Fadel Solaiman in a couple of the presentations. He was a lovely person as we remembered him to be and it was later towards the end of the 3 day workshop that we knew his background. Husband and him kept in touch on google chat for a while and then life, inevitably gets in the way. We lost touch. Then just a week ago he arrived on Malaysia’s shores and today, we were reunited with him. He is now a renowned Shaykh in the traditional path, invited to give a series of talks here and in Singapore on the theme of our maulana, Rasulullah s.a.w.

The best thing was, he remembered us on the spot. The next best thing was, we spent a day with him today, absorbing whatever nuggets of wisdom and knowledge from him and just like that, I decided that my days of bumming around with chic lits and chocolates are over and it’s time to work my wide butts out to do what my purpose in this life is to be — as a vicegerent.



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