Gersang’s wisdom

Pernah tak dengar lagu ‘Suratan Takdir’ dari kumpulan Gersang. Wah lagu lama tu.. zaman kita remaja dan tergila-gila kan ahli kumpulan Gersang, especially lah si Man Bai and Acis. Man Bai pun dah macam Tok Lebai sekarang, while Acis, that keyboardist, yang menjadi kegilaan ramai anak dara remaja tahun lewat 80-an, dah pun jadi suami kepada ratu jazz, Sheila Majid.

But this post bukan pasal Man Bai atau Acis atau kumpulan Gersang, tetapi tentang Suratan Takdir. Senang cakap, Fate. Kita tak boleh melawan hakikat, kudrat dan takdir kan? Walau apa pun kita lakukan, takdir tu dah tersurat dan tersirat untuk kita. Perkara ini, aku sentiasa perlu mengingati diri sendiri, terutama sekali apabila sedang duduk-duduk macam ni, makan coklat (coklat lagiiii… bila lah diri mahu bertaubat nih! tsk) lalu mengingati semula peristiwa-peristiwa yang berlalu hanya seminggu yang lalu.

This was what happened. Ok before that, family members who are reading this. Tolong jangan cerita kat Mak atau Bapak cerita ni ok? Nanti Sabtu ni diaorang datang habis I kena berleter. And I am not in the mood to have an earful from them, thank you. Mak-mak dan bapak-bapak orang kita, walaupun umur kita dah lanjut, discipline is discipline, marah still marah, mereka still big boss. So please eh.

I went back to Petaling Jaya on my own after one week of shopaholic stint which surprised even myself. So there I was, taking First Coach from Novena with one trolley luggage (the umrah size), and three hand-carry bags, instantaneously making me the modern day makcik siput. I huffed and puffed up and down the coach at the two immigrations. The journey back to PJ was uneventful, or so I thought. I reached PJ at about 9pm, hubby picked me up from the First Coach station and we went for dinner. Still uneventful. We were scheduled to be at Subang airport at 8am the next morning, as the magazine I am writing for, scheduled me to do cover stories on Hua Hin in Thailand by the invitation of the Thailand Tourist Promotion Board. The trip which had been planned for months prior to this.

5 am in the morning, I woke up to pack my luggage. 6 am, I wanted to pack my handbag and was looking for my passport. Passport not around. I looked everywhere. Not around. I overturned the house. Not around. We searched the car. Not around. We drove to the First Coach station to ask if it was there. No, it wasn’t. I was going crazy and in the midst of panicking. It was a work trip darn it. We went back to the house, I did my solat dhuha and followed by solat hajat. I begged and begged HIM for my passport. The clock ticked and tocked and still my passport was missing.

At this point, I thank God that my husband, Allah’s blessings be with him always, is a level headed person. He was calm, he didn’t explode, he gave me a hug and said maybe, Allah didn’t want me to go to Thailand and was protecting me from a bigger calamity which may be waiting for me there, we don’t know right? Then I thought about what our friend and her husband went through. In 2004, they were in Phuket and they had wanted to extend their stay as they loved their beach experience so much. They didn’t manage to change their flight ticket back to Singapore and they didn’t manage to find a single empty room in the whole stretch of the beach they were on. All were fully booked. Upset, they got up the plane and went back to Singapore. When they were up there in the sky, the 2004 tsunami hit Phuket and they landed, just in time to watch on the news that their hotel, which was the nearest to the beach, was badly wrecked and there were no survivors from their hotel at all. They fell on their feet and heads on the ground, sujud syukur, diselamatkan dari malapetaka. True story, which they live to tell and remind us again and again. So I remembered this story and appeased myself, telling myself that ‘ada hikmah disebaliknya’.

Of course what followed after that was the whirlwind of postponing the flights, going to the police station, then to the Singapore High Comm, then to cancel all the things that were supposed to happen in Thailand. That took the whole of Thursday. Thursday night, I was suddenly thankful that I was not in Thailand. A close friend, from my sorority sisters gang, found out that she was in the deepest sh*t she could think of as her husband, who is working in UAE — is in a huge financial mess and a prison sentence is looming. UAE’s law is that if one cannot pay off the bank loans plus interest etc, they don’t blacklist you, they put you straight in prison. She and her 4 kids are alone here while her husband is still in the UAE. I was glad that I was around, as she needed the shoulder to cry on and lean on too badly and out of the 6 of us, 4 were on holiday somewhere. If I had been in Thailand too, she would lagi lah be all so alone.

And the next evening too, we were glad that we were not in Thailand. Mutti was driving a cerebral palsy patient from Australia, (who is another student of Imam Afroz) from her hotel to the hospital. Of all times, in the middle of nowhere, her car battery died on her. It was at night. We came to the rescue, which we could not have done had we been in Thailand.

Many other incidences after that lah.. which made us bersyukur that we are still around. I do not know what Allah is protecting us from Thailand for. But I am glad I didn’t go. My suratan takdir states that, there is a hikmah that I am not there and that I lost my passport (Carelessness notwithstanding. Probably tercicir while I was juggling all my bags ala makcik siput. To which I would get an earful from my parents for).

So I learnt. Suratan takdir, bila dah berlaku, tak payah lawan. Tak payah frust. Redha and pasrah aje. Mesti ada hikmah disebaliknya.


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