Of sugar and spice

I had gone back to Singapore and spent a week with my family and friends. My husband spent two days attending the sacred.path.of.love conference in Masjid.Sultan and after which he had caught up with his mates at Wardah. Then he went back to PJ as his leaves are all used up. I stayed on and had lots of fun.

I managed to attend the wedding of my father’s cousin and met many of my relatives whom I have not seen in quite a while (as I have missed many, many weddings), I went out with relatives whom I grew up with, my best friend and business partner is back from Perth and we caught up a few times, met up with my sorority sisters, old friends, geng riang ria, aunties, uncles and some cousins. And of course, the love of my life, my Nyai. There were lots of smiling photos which I have yet to upload. There were lots of food and merry making. I went to Mustafa centre a few times and ended up with 2 big bags of chocolates, probably going to last me the next few months. I also treated myself to 5 new pairs of shoes which were on sale at the Changi City Point. Very unlike me but I guess, I wont be buying anymore shoes till 2016. Hehe. I also went back to my old neighbourhood in Simei, where the uncle chef, who had been selling laksa there since I was in junior college could still recognise me. Sitting at his shop alone, eating his laksa and the song Zombie playing in the background, I was transported back to the mid 90s. When things were a lot simpler than they are now. When I was carefree and thought the world was for me to conquer.

At the end of the week, I look back and reflect. I do not have a perfect life. There are many things that I wish had been the picture of my life but it is not. But I have the most imperfect family and friends, and all their imperfections, along with mine, make my life so real and perfectly fitted in.

I like to wander around on my own and I can also, alhamdulillah, survive on my own away from my clan and comfort zone, et al, as I have trained myself over the last decade that I need no one else but HIM. However, once in a while, when I go back into their warm embraces and all things familiar, the sugar and spice and all things too nice (and familiar familial squabbles as well!), I took a deep breath and say: Alhamdulillah. From the deepest bottom of my heart, I would like to say, thank YOU. Alhamdulillah for everything.


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