As busy as a bee, as calm as the sea

I was doing some planning for the year 2013, filling up schedules, target setting and goals personal or otherwise to achieve etc. My song for the moment was Lenka, everything at once. I love Lenka and I love this song. It somehow describes me. I want to be everything all at once. Rather, I want to do everything all at once. This year had been exciting, full of ups and downs really and it’s not even the end of the year yet!

I read the post I published before this and I sounded full of angst. Sorry lah. Pms-ing seh and nak kurus punya pasal, tak makan coklat lagi ni. As the days go by, the situation in Malaysia seems to get more and more crappy. I just hope and pray that the situation improve in this country. Or it is time to blah already. (Nak blah gi mana pun belum tau lagi… nak balik negeri sendiri, sana pun tengah era merepek, lagi-lagi dengan baru-baru ni, nama-nama stesen-stesen MRT telah diterjemahkan kepada bahasa pendatang-pendatang baru yang tidak mahu mempelajari bahasa rasmi negera. Ish ish…)

Just now we went out for family dinner at Kokopelli PJ. Oh my, the creme brulee is too superb! I just had a spoonful of it and half a tiny banofee pie (Konon nak diet!). Mutti was already planning the Christmas eve menu. Whenever she mentions Christmas, I always feel bad. Beginning of this year, it was agreed that this would be the year we would all celebrate in Oberusel with all her family members. My brother-in-law would fly from Australia to join us too. But June came and I agreed to take an AFS kid in, which meant at that point, hubby and I won’t be able to join Mutti back in Germany for Christmas. If we don’t go, brother-in-law won’t go as well as it would be cheaper for him to fly to Malaysia to see us than see us in Germany. So with the 3 of us not going back for Christmas, Mutti decided to take on teaching the short semester in December and the whole ‘going back for Christmas’ idea was abolished in June and other plans were made individually.

Now that since a month or so ago, the AFS thing with the kid didn’t work out, I always feel that I had busted their Christmas plans and I feel that I am responsible for depriving them of good ol’ family gathering. Dismay much, hokay?


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