Do you know…

In this internet age, ignorance is not an excuse to those who have access to it (the internet). Hence, what is dangerous in this day and age is the breed of lazy ignorant fools who are too lazy to move their fingers a bit more to open up their minds wider, to do a bit more research about current issues engulfing the world around them today, and blindly follow the emotions of fear and hatred by what they hear in the news.

For a start, if you go all ballistic and emotional about the Gaza issues by condemning Jews and shouting hatred for them at your rallies and demonstrations, you are the ignorant fools I am talking about. Because you see, it is not about Jews or Judaism. Please. Hitler is so last century and even then, he missed the point. It is about the Zionist regime and their apartheid policy. Because you know, even the Jewish Rabbis reject Zionism and the Israeli occupation of Palestine. There is a difference between Judaism and Zionism. Just like there is a difference between Islam and Islamist Terrorism. And both Zionism and Terrorism are not as dangerous your Ignoranism.


The same goes for those of you, who spend time rallying and shouting loudly about your ‘brothers and sisters in Islam’ massacred in Palestine and about the oppression that they go through blah blah blah. But zuhur came and went, asar came and went and you are still on the streets, missing the obligatory prayers because you want to shout out loudly about the plight of Muslims thousands of kilometres away from you, while you do not take care of your very basic Islamic requirement. Errr, missing the point much?

Just like how it is irksome to hear about people fearing Islam because of what the terrorist, who are not even Islamic in the first place do, it is equally irksome to hear anti Jewish slogans being called out. Because the fear of Islam is baseless since it is a religion of peace and if not for Islam, Europe would probably still be in the dark ages. The same goes for the fear and hatred of Jews and Judaism. It is baseless because a true practising Jewish won’t do what the Zionist regime is doing.

So please. The first revelation in the Quran was just ONE word. READ. That’s the first command Allah gave to Prophet Muhammad pbuh. He didn’t say ‘worship’ or ‘submit’ or ‘pray’ or whatever. He commanded ‘READ’. Read so that you won’t follow blindly. Read so that you make well-informed judgment calls etc. In Islam, the pen of the scholar is mightier than the sword of the warrior. And the mighty pens of our scholars before us have written long and hard about the danger of ignorance.

Hidup jangan jadi Pak Torot boleh tak?


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