Happy first birthday lil Nephie Boo. We were all in Jakarta when you arrived at East Shore hospital and how your Nyai was smiling all the way home in the flight back, rushing to meet you. I stayed on in Jakarta for a few more days shopping for your presents, excited much. When I finally met you a week later in Singapore, I just KNEW we are going to have lots of fun in your life ahead insya Allah. All too soon, you turned one year old and true to the nature of our ‘kaki jalan’ family, you have been to Australia, Indonesia and up and down Selangor to see us a few times, before you even turned one! We promise to give you the best of this world and to prepare you in the best way possible for the hereafter. We promise to teach you the most refine adab that would bring you across the world and more, as a khalifah of Ar Rahman, the Lord you were named as the servant of. May you grow up to be a fine man, a person who will take lead for all the good of the world, a person of truth and always speak the truth, person of manners and knowledge and a person loveable in the eyes of all. Most importantly, a person of Tauhid and who puts HIM first in all your dealings. I love you lil nephew! Till we meet in Singapore soon!


Abdur Rahman Mustafa Kamal born 22.11.2011


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