Please don’t

As we celebrate our New Year here in peace and harmony in Malaysia, there are others who celebrate it with a whole different spectrum of fireworks, the ones which kill them. Gaza is under massive attacks as we all know by now through the news splattered in our faces on every news source there is. From what is going on twitters and facebook updates and live streams, there will be many demonstrations going on around tomorrow by NGOs, Human Rights groups, individuals, political parties. From every corner of the world. There is one happening outside the Tabung Haji Kuala Lumpur building tomorrow as well.

I am writing to appeal to anyone who is reading this to please do not go for any of these demonstrations. They are counter-productive and can even ignite more hatred and violence our world is already so full with. Remember Libya? A demonstration turned ugly and the ambassador got killed and so were 10 police officers defending him. When will it ever stop?

But what we can all do and we can collectively do together, in a peaceful manner is to take our wudu’ and in our own homes, after every fardhu prayer is to read the Du’a al-Nasiri or the Prayer of the Oppressed. What is the definition of the oppressed in Islam?

Anyone whose rights is taken away from them be it physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. These include anyone whose:

– Homes/lands/possessions have been wrongfully taken away from them

– names have been unfairly tarnished, they have been slandered by things they didn’t do

– rights have been denied

– wronged in any way which they do not deserve

In a hadith (teachings of Propher Muhammad pbuh) sahih bukhari:

“Restrain your hands from wronging the believers and be wary of the supplication of the oppressed, for indeed the supplication of the oppressed is answered.” [Sahîh al-Bukhârî (3059)]

In this hadith, it was explained that the prayer or supplications of the oppressed or anyone who had been wronged, has no veil between it and its Creator. Meaning that it will be lifted right through and answered sans any conditions.

Reading the Du’a Al-Nasiri instead of going to the demonstrations is proactive in more ways than one. If you go for the demonstrations, you will:

-Clog the traffic

-Affect the day’s economy

– Risk destroying public properties

-Waste taxpayers money as the reserve police and army have to be deployed to demonstrations area, where they could be more effectively used to fight crimes and saving the lives of other innocent citizens around the country.

– Make a fool of yourselves. Do you really freakingly and naively believe your demonstrations will create fear in the Zionist movement who are on the roll in Gaza? And what is more silly, after you demonstrate, you go and quench your thirst at MacDonald’s, Starbucks or buy the simple can of coke, contributing to the Zionists funding.

– For all the reasons above, you would eventually end the day as an oppressor yourself because public peace and harmony is the rights of all of us in the country. You take it away from us, you are our oppressor. Get it?

Instead, if you stay home and make earnest Du’a, especially the prayers of the oppressed, you will:

– Contribute to more du’a going up to HIM for our oppressed brothers and sisters in Gaza.

– You are actually also making du’a for yourselves, as protection and respite against those who have wronged you, while at the same time taking care not to oppress the rights of others to peace.

Win – win right?

So please. I beg any of you reading this. No demonstrations please. Or I will make du’a of the oppressed against you. Because you see, you are taking my rights of peace on this land and you oppressed my taxes which could be in better use for the benefit of the those who really need it in the country.And you know, as an oppressed person, my du’a is lifted, unconditionally.

Please take note.

Click here for the pdf copy of the du’a. Du’a Al Nasiri


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