My fair ladies

It is really nice to be waking up to a public holiday here in Malaysia getting a link to today’s news about my fair ladies down under. Khadijah  *waves g’day mate!* and her family were very precious to me, during my student days and even more precious to me now as a sister in the same faith. Back then she was a nun wannabe before she got married to John, her husband who was a junior church minister working with youth groups. Their elder daughters were baptized in a traditional way etc.. Suddenly, before anyone could bat their eyelids long enough, wham bam, both husband and wife became Muslims and Khadijah embraced the hijab soon after. These two young ladies were two really cheeky toddlers when I was there and oh how much they have grown!

The article is flawed factually and chronologically but Khadijah said it was a young and new reporter and the interview was done quite late last evening. Being the amiable person that she always is, she simply put that she(the reporter) will get better in time. That’s the Khadijah I knew, and I love and I miss. 😥

Hope to see you all again soon mates!

Islam the right choice for Toowoomba mum | Toowoomba Chronicle.


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