I read Sophie’s World when I was about 20 or 21 years old, which is quite a long time ago and I remember a friend back then, Hamzah, was gushing all over it saying ‘You must read it! It’s awesome’. Well I read it, and even watched the movie and that was when I made up my mind that philosophical mumbo jumbo is not my thing. I enjoyed the book though, on Sophie’s journey with the letters etc, but personally, for me, my impression on the book and on its author, is ‘confused and confusing’. And I am one person who has very little patience (nor time, at that period of my life) to go round and round the philosophical mulberry bush looking for something which has been handed down to me on a platter, clear cut and simple. That’s me I guess. I like my life simple, uncomplicated and straight forward. Which leaves me plenty of room (and time and the rational mind) to explore things that I want to do and do it well.

Then a year ago, the husband went on a shopping spree at the Kuala Lumpur International BookFair. Holding a pavilion display was my alma mater here, the InstituteTerjemahanNegaraMalaysia(ITNM) where I studied and was licensed to edit and translate. He picked up a book, Gadis Oren and soon I found him engrossed in it. “It’s by Jostein Gaardner translated into Malay by your institute. Sophie’s World. Remember?” Ahhh. My inner subconscious started to frown. Confused and confusing. Yes I remember.

He said it was an engaging book, even after the translation. And nothing like Sophie’s World.

So I agreed to give it a try. And I was hooked. Suddenly I wanted to go to Norway. Heh.

Hence when this year’s European Film Festival was showing The Orange Girl, in Norwegian, there is no way we were going to give the film a miss. We went last night and it was worth every minute of it. The film was just like how I imagined it to be, when I was reading the book.

I got home last night and added Norway into my to-do list. 😀

Disclaimer: None of the photos in this post belongs to me


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