A song for every moment

I have a song for every moment. My rainy day home alone song is this one. The one who wrote and sang it was an old friend. I was 19 when we landed ourselves in the same circle of friends, before he left for London a couple of years later. I remembered back then, I felt so ‘rimas’ just looking at him with his long hair. But he got talent and this song is one of the most beautiful and poetic ones he produced. Shameless me requested that my husband learn the song and sing it to me (tsk, I know right, cringe-worthy tak malu lol). Along with More Than Words by Extreme and some numbers by M.Nasir and Bon Jovi. Hmm…it seems that all the songs I like were written and sung by men with long hair. Why eh? hmm.

Anyhow, MatGitarBawahBlock, if you happen to read this, I hope life is treating you good these days (otherwise, I hope to see you at Wardah when I’m back). Thanks for contributing this song to the music industry. Many years later, it is still awesome to hear the poetic lyrics to it.

P.S I got myself a floor plan and it’s almost halfway through. 😀

P.P.S 10 years ago, I told you this music video was very nice right? Now I find it quite jiwang kental lei.. heh.. Maybe we all have passed that jiwang-jiwang obit stage, no?

Merindu Kepastian

Andai kau menjadi pelangi
Biar ku jadi awannya
Agar kita selalu bersama

Andai kau menjadi sang duyung
Biar ku jadi karangnya
Agar kita sentiasa bersua

Andai kau menjadi merpati
Biar ku menjadi sang bayu
Agar kita sering bertemu

Andai kau menjadi puisi
Biar ku jadi melodi
Bersama kita menyanyi

Andai ku menjadi rembulan
Sudikah kau menjadi kejora
Hingga pagi nanti

Andai esok aku menjadi tanah
Sudikah engkau menjadi bunga
Menghiasi dadaku


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