Free Friday

Just one more article to write and my entire Friday today is free for whatever I want/need to do. So playing on my iPad it is. While mindlessly surfing, I came across this quote.


I laughed of course. Then I reflected if this quote is true upon me. In more ways than one, I am a lazy person and I am the very malas nak layan kind. So I have the tendency to shut out all those difficult people yang ada attitude/pe’el/perangai/emotional vampires/bitches/assholes/myself during pms/basically anyone difficult. I just shut them all out (even my own impossible self during pms) and I just refuse to deal with them (and myself when I am being difficult). How? By buat bodoh lah. Just do minimal necessary contact or communication and then I would avoid these emotionally draining blood suckers at many arms length. Ok that’s them. But how do I avoid myself? I eat lots of chocolates and stay away from anyone.

It worked so far.


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