Another post? Yes I am this free today. No afternoon class today as the year end holiday is officially here, so the entire day I was just bumming around literally. I caught up with my leisure readings, leisure surfing on the net, slept, ate and then I decided to hit the mall alone. I purposely didn’t ask any girlfriends along as I wanted it to be my ‘me’ time.

I watched a teenybopper Malay movie ‘Istanbul Aku Datang’. Very teenager kind of movie but oh well. Then I continued my reading at the cafe over a cup of coffee. Did some groceries and then the husband joined me for Tai Chi Hero, a martial arts movie. If there is one thing we cannot resist as a couple is watching martial arts movies especially Chinese Kungfu, especially if it is starring Donny Yen. Our favourite sey. It was at the cinema that we found out that this year’s European Film Festival is going on:

I don’t remember we ever miss this festival for as long as we have been here as a family. My mother-in-law, husband and myself would always find time to catch some of the films, either all of us go together or  individually as sometimes we prefer some films and not others– but we would still go or make the effort to go. It is an annual thing for us. This year’s titles are more varied and more book adaptations included. Muhammad Asad’s Road To Mecca will be in, and so with be the Norwegian book The Orange Girl, which both my husband and I read the translated version of that book in Malay– Gadis Oren. Exciting ! 😀

We got back to a registered mail by AFS. Inside it was our certificate of appreciation from AFS for participating in hosting Sarah. Although her stay with us was short lived and instead of the expected one year, it was shortened to 4 months, it has been a helluva of a walk to remember. Back to just the 3 of us again, our normal lives resumed. First on the list? Aikido! Sensei Hakim will be back here to train us intensively everyday for a month in December so now I am getting my fitness and form back on track. Secondly, back to travelling for work and my first assignment next month will be to Hua Hin, Thailand, courtesy of the Thailand Tourist Promotion Board. The last time I was in Hua Hin was some 12 years ago, with my mother and sister. I think plenty has changed since then. Thirdly, I am looking forward to go back to Singapore end of this month. My best friend cum partner who is running this translation company with me will be back from Perth and I can’t wait to be back with the girls whom I have known almost all my life, through good food and good catching up with the old gang. And last but not least, I am looking forward to this addictive smile. I am his one and only Wak, so he better keep this smile for me!


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