Mr P

Mr Pentax had just joined my family of gadgets. I have been trying to get to know him. And so far, he has not disappoint me yet. I actually like him. I guess once I am familiar with him, perhaps I may even grow to love him. He can take photos up to 40 m underwater. He also has built in filters and my favourite, the microscope mode.

Pulut serunding. If you must know, I don’t eat grated coconuts. I can drink coconut water, I use santan to cook but no, don’t offer me anything with grated coconut. And that includes lontong with serunding. But here, Mr Pentax made grated coconut looks palatable. Almost edible.

Petaling Jaya just before the monsoon storm. Taken from the 16th floor of Ayesha’s apartment

Kemaruk Kamera lah katakan, mata suami pon nak amek… tsk tsk .

Super tiny bunga kertas made to look big with the microscope function

Aiseyman, this filter makes my Jendul Jawa so distinct sey. Dianah and Me at Seoul Gardens Korean BBQ

Unfiltered, unedited, unadulterated

 As much as I love their mother Ayesha, I love these South African beauties to bits… 4 out of 5 of the Motala girls

Nusaybah, no. 5 of the Motala girls.In the cab after fetching Sarah from school…


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