Mainan baru

Sometimes I wish I can be more well-dressed like some of my friends who really take the pains to look good, and they really do, when going out. I wish to look as put together as them sometimes, matching shoes, bags, colour coded clothes and accessories. But I don’t know how to. Ok wait. That’s a lie. Don’t know can always learn. But I just can’t be bothered to. As long as I am wearing clean clothes and presentable clothing, I will just go out. Bare face et al. I am lazy like that. Bedak pun tak pakai… Asal tak selekeh ok kan? When I move house, all of my worldly belongings can fit into 2 luggages. Serious, tak bedek.

Girlfriends always asked me. “Eh kau malas nak melawa, kalau kau stress kau pegi shopping beli apa arh?”

Hmmm. Good question. Let’s see. I go and eat. I buy chocolates or go for good Banofee pie with a good cuppa. Then I jalan-jalan cari makan some more. In that way, the only storage space I have to deal with for this shopping spree is on my body. Tak payah beli almari baru ke, kotak Ikea ke, sumbat dalam store ke.. untuk simpan bag-bag/kasut-kasut/make-up2. Tapi kan, I do have a weakness for gadgets. So seriously, kalau stress, the gadget shop is the last place my husband wants to bring me to. A mistake he made just last night. I accompanied him to the PJ IT MALL to get his camera battery, as he is taking part in the Canon Photography Competition this Saturday. I said I teman kan. But half an hour later, I walked out with this beauty…


We have always used Olympus. Then I used Fuji which I don’t quite like. This is my first Pentax. Anyone used Pentax before? How do you find it? Is it any good?


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