One of my growing up genre of music back then was this choral singing group Al Jawaher. The first female nasyid group whom my most favourite artist since young, M.Nasir, wrote lyrics for. I was sitting down, resting and reflecting as I have taken time off from work today, when this song came loudly on air. It was such an old song and I almost immediately perked up. Then for a little moment, I laughed out loud after hearing the lyrics in the first paragraph. God is so great, HE even have a great sense of humor! What do I know, HE speaks to me through Al Jawaher song… heh. Al Jawaher FTW!


Seroja Lyrics

by Al Jawaher

Mari menyusun seroja bunga seroja
Hiasan sanggul remaja puteri remaja
Rupa yang elok dimanja jangan dimanja
Pujalah ia sekadar sekadar saja

Mengapa kau bermenung
Oh adek berhati bingung

[ Seroja lyrics found on ]
Jangan kau percaya asmara
Dengan asmara

Sekarang bukan bermenung
Zaman bermenung

Marilah kita bersama
Memetik bunga



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