Sunday morning blessings

First and foremost, there was the light at the end of the very long and dark tunnel. Finally, on Sunday morning, we got news that Fi woke up semi conscious from his coma and showing signs of being able to respond. Alhamdulillah. Our ‘updators’ on site, mainly the RI bunch, namely good old Khazmin who had been relentlessly giving us live updates from the hospital via whatsapp could message us with a smiley face emoticon, saying they are all catching up on work and sleep, now that the family wants the recuperation process be just amongst immediate family members. On my side I became less edgy and no longer anticipate the whatsapp beep even though I was teaching.

Through this hard and emotionally rough week, I was actually very happy for two things. We all came back together, physically or cyberly. We have all led our own paths and lives and chosen our own roads to travel. But when something as catastrophic as this happened, we all got back together in one common prayer for Fi. And the way we speak to one another online or otherwise, it was as if the whole lot of us never grew up in the first place. It was heartwarming.
Secondly, ermm, this may sound a bit bimbotic, but for the first time ever, (because of my health program), I didn’t turn to chocolates for solace. Very disciplined, right? 😀 like real sey. Hehe.

Then on Sunday morning too, our humble abode was once again given the honour to host our very special guest from Sydney Australia. He is none other than Imam Afroz Ali, Director of Al Ghazzali Centre Australia and Managing Director of … He had come to deliver a few seminars and public lectures in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, and had blocked the entire morning on Sunday to be at our house and meet up with members of the Halaqah Seekers Circle, their families and guests. The house was choc-a-block with people who came to see him, for QnA, for Tazkirah and others who came to hear him address certain issues. As the hostess in charge of the whole logistics of the event, it was tiring but it was also fun. Behind every successful man, there is a woman, as the saying goes? Well, in my husband’s case, behind every Seekers Guidance country rep, there is a wife worrying if the food for the crowd is enough, or if the carpets are clean. Heh.

Hubby, on the floor extreme left opening the session, Azhar Hasemann in the middle and Imam Afroz Ali on the right.

Dia pun nak menyebok!


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