Frau/Sensei Kohler

The husband was watching this video next to me on his macbook while I was halfway through to lalaland. I thought I heard his aunt’s voice, Tante Lore. I sleepily said, ‘ That sounded like your Tante..’ He replied, ‘ Nope… It’s Sensei Kohler from Mannheim”

I sat up immediately. I wanted to watch the video. Not many female Senseis around with 5th Dan ranking. That’s as high as our very own SenseiHakim. Sensei Kohler happened to be from the same school of Aikido (aikido pun ada 4 mazhabs ok? lol) i.e the Aikikai school of thought. Amongst the more famous Aikidokas in this school of thought are Sensei Steven Seagal and Sensei Tissier from France.

I fell asleep wondering when can I reach my 5th Dan. 4th Kyu pun tak lepas lagi… haiz.


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