Sarah is off for her AFS camp in Melaka and it’s back to the two of us again. But wait, I forgot it’s Friday night and our house is always full on Friday nights for Halaqah. 11 seekers came tonight and we are still in the semester of In The Footsteps of The Prophet.

If I can add, we are staying in a double storey terrace rental, which initially we agreed to take care for our bachelor friend, who bought it as an investment while he stayed with his parents nearby.
The first time he brought us to this house, I liked it on the spot. I had good vibes about it and we needed a place to stay, near ISTAC where my husband was doing his masters. So Fareen suggested we moved into this house and just give him minimal rent. He had since gotten married and left for England. But we are still here despite this house being sold off to another owner and our rent increased. It is an old place–not a swanky yuppie pad. The whole of the upper level house our over 1000 books–our library and office by default.

Despite the cracks etc, we love this house. People come here to learn like tonight, children come here to learn from me, university students come to borrow our books, visiting scholars and Senseis have bunked in here when visiting Malaysia, travellers without a place to stay have been here sometimes up to a month and now we are blessed with Sarah staying here. Although it is only two of us officially, this old house has been a place for many. And we shall continue to open its doors to many more, insya Allah.



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