The Bad Dogz Did It

Wednesday mornings are my free mornings. I do not teach on Wednesday mornings, neither are there any documents or short term projects to be edited from any of our clients. So. What do I do on Wednesday mornings, after the husband had gone to send Sarah to school and then off to work? I spend time with my favorite girls of course, who, God bless them, always make Wednesday mornings free for our sorority time. So yesterday, we went to Baddogz Studio.

We were all from the same school, who donned the same green pinafoes, living on the same side of the tiny Singapore island we call our hometown. But no, we were not from the same year. I am the youngest of the lot, and when I was in school they were actually my seniors, also from different years from one another. But fate landed us on the same side of Selangor when we moved here because of our husbands and so, Wisteria Lane (NOT!) made a natural formation and we have been tight since then.

Being from that school, we had one common history and one common culture. We were told every single day back then by our teachers that life should be meaningful and fun, we should never stop learning, we are beautiful no matter what and never, ever let anyone messes around with us (ask our husbands or any other husbands/boyfriends who have had to deal with our breed. They will tell you. Heh). Our teachers taught us to celebrate our femininity but not to be weak. We were taught to be charming, not pushy. We were groomed to be self-reliant and empowered. And last but not least, when given something to do, always give and produce the best. Because when we do that (I can almost hear Mrs Rosalind Lim’s voice as she nagged us with this line), when things go wrong, we can always hold our heads up high and say that we have done our best and left no stones unturned.

In my cozy little alumnus here in Selangor, there’s this lot. I love them to bits.

Our teachers said life should be fun

They also said no matter what colour, size or the way our faces were fashioned, we are beautiful no matter what.

They never reprimanded us for being crazy and expressing ourselves. That is very important for creativity, they used to say.

Be charming. Not pushy. You will still get your way but won’t scare others (especially Men!) away.

Celebrate your femininity but don’t be weak. Do not ever let others push you around. Be empowered.

Always make life meaningful and interesting. Otherwise we will become old hags really quickly! (Mrs Lim said this!!!)

You can be naughty but don’t be bad. (Thanks Mrs Janet Fu! I remember this for life… :D)


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