Lepaskan gian

The team is back from Japan with Sensei transiting here since they all took MAS. We went to see them, to enviously listen to their one week experience at the meet and also their training experiences at Hombu with all the notable Senseis and Shihans. Hubby donned his Gi too, just to lepas kan gian and trained one last training tonight with Sensei before he leaves later. I didn’t . Somehow I didn’t want to. Just to be back in the dojo, even if it was only for one night was enough for me.






I like the last picture. To the left of me is Shanti. She is a Senpai (Senior) holding the 3rd Dan and to the right of me is Safia. She holds the 2nd Kyu. Shanti is the wife of Sensei Hakim while Safia is the wife of Senpai Abas, who trains me here when Sensei Hakim is back in Jakarta. And of course, my own husband who holds the 3rd Kyu is my Senpai as well. The journey the 6 of us have taken so far is a long and arduous one but I love their company.

There was, at one point of time when we were preparing for a meet, we trained every single night 7 nights a week. We went for the meet in Jakarta, where we were in session for 3 full days. We then took the morning flight back to Malaysia on the 4th day. 3 hours before departure we had just finished our morning training at the dojo there and rushed like crazy to the airport after that! We reached Malaysia, washed our Gi, went to our respective work places and that very night, on the same day we came back on, we were all back on the mats of the dojo. All for the love of the art. That, is discipline and commitment, my friend. Without it, right now to be honest, I feel kinda lost…


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