Haul and the Cambridge Man

This weekend, we organised a Minangkabau Homestay for Sarah. So hubby, Mutti, Sarah and myself will be going to Kampung Lonek, in Negeri Sembilan where Sarah will join some other students her age in kampung games, while the adults can choose to join in or learn how to cook Minangkabau food. Unlike the other students, we shall be staying there for the weekend and our hosts have prepared their traditional wooden kampung house, Minangkabau style for us to spend the night. We will also be learning a bit more about the Minangkabau culture and language. I don’t know about Sarah, but it seems that the adults are very excited about it. For me, it has to be the lure of the rendang minang.

For that, we will be missing some very happening things going on in the Klang Valley. The man from Cambridge is here. Our beloved teacher, Professor TJ Winter or Shaykh Abdel Hakim Murad, will be giving a series of talks on Friday (which insya Allah we will be going. Halaqah will be cancelled this Friday, please take note) and Saturday ( we will miss this). He will launch a book at Publika Mall on Sunday afternoon. All details are on the posters below.

Then there is the Haul al Haddad. A Haul is a gathering to remember the pious from amongst us. During the haul there will be the remembrance of the scholar’s teachings, followed by Maulid and of course, kenduri–what’s Asian hospitality without food? So this weekend is the Haul for the great Imam Al Haddad, a renowned scholar from Yemen who have contributed too much to the scholarly tradition of our faith. Haul will be this weekend also from Friday to Sunday. Details are also in the poster below.


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