Oooh Baby It’s A Wild World….

In the halaqah last Friday night, we were discussing about what is the tipping point between being patient when insulted and standing up for our honor when humiliated. It is a very thin line. Almost invisible. The hot topic of that night was of course, the insulting B grade movie from California which insulted Rasulullah s.a.w. It is on everyone’s lips these days.

My own opinion on it was, there was no point being angry. If you had watched it like I did, after 5 mins you would want to turn it off, IF you have any taste for movies that is. Not because it was insulting the prophet, because in the first 5 minutes I wouldn’t know what was going to happen to the plot, but because it was such a B-grade, or even lower than a B, that it was embarrassingly painful to watch. Like this is what Americans can come out with? Low budget, bad acting, slapstick jokes. Back alley quality, the kind you can find at Petaling Street for Rm 5 and yet still no one would buy.

We must be classy in our responses, because Rasulullah s.a.w is a class of his own. To get angry at such ‘low class-ness’ is silly. If we get angry, we will be of lower class than the makers of the movie, who wanted just that. To instigate us to be angry. And what did the very person whom they insulted in the movie said about being angry?

A man came to Rasulullah s.a.w and said ” Oh prophet of Allah, tell me about the religion.”

Rasulullah s.a.w said ” Do not be angry”

The man asked the same question two more times and got the same answer. After the third time, he walked away, after he understood what the prophet meant.

He reminded us for 3 times not to be angry. And we Muslims are an angry lot alright. Which is understandable, at the barrage of anti Islamic propaganda against us in any nook and corner of the world. How did the man himself deal with this?

When he was abused in the town of Thaif, thrown stones and faeces at, called names and physically attacked while he was sending them the message of peace and the essence of the oneness of God, Allah sent angel Gabriel and said this to him ” Oh Muhammad, just say the word and I will overturn this city like what I had been commanded to do in the town of Sodom, for the abuses they have done upon you, O Messenger of God”

What did the man himself said? ” No! Their behaviour towards me may be due to my weaknesses in sending them the message which did not reach their hearts. So for this, I am to be blamed”

He was angry and disappointed with himself. Why can’t we be angry and disapointed with ourselves then? The faith has been hijacked by bigots and idiots but we are too weak to defend it from within ourselves. 40 days in Medina and Makkah and I am the first person to be really angry at myself and my ummah, before everyone else, for all that I saw from the Muslim world there in Ramadan.

The ambassador of America died in this whole saga. 10 Libyan Muslims died protecting him. Enough already? Everyone loses in the end.

What’s the point?


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