Relek One Corner

9.46 am. I am at KLCC Dome Cafe. Having cranberry cooler at one corner of the cafe while typing this down.


Actually, I just needed a power point to charge my dead phone. Without which, all the people I am supposed to meet here today won’t be able to contact me. And I am meeting Sensei Hakim and his wife, my senpai (senior) Shanti, another Senpai and hubby later for lunch. Sensei and wife are here from Jakarta for intensive training, which we have not been able to attend because after the long leave + Raya break + Singapore trip, we really need to get our lives and schedules back in order. But Sensei wanted to see us, to see how we are doing and our progress in the art and life in general.

Our relationship with Sensei has been sort of weird from the start. Sensei’s father hailed from Padang, Sumatera and the area is quite near to where my father in law’s family came from. His mother is Dutch, from Holland. Hence Sensei is Minang Dutch while hubby is Minang Deutsch. Both Sensei’s wife and myself are Javanese. Her family hailed from Jogjakarta while mine came from next door in Kendal, Semarang. They have been married for a long time but childless like ourselves. Along the way, there are many other similarities between this couple and us, sometimes to the T. Put it all down on paper in two columns, it becomes uncanny. Like they are the older version of us.

Anyway, when we were in Makkah, we had gotten whatsapp message from his wife. She said Sensei requested us to go and make solat Hajat and make earnest doa behind the multazam (door of the Kaabah,one of the places mustajab to make doa at) for us i.e the four of us to be protected from any harm or danger or any mishap. Why, we asked. What a strange request in the last 10 days of Ramadan. Sensei told his wife, who later narrated to us that he had a really vivid dream involving the 4 of us and while we were in the most sacred place, please make prayers that it won’t come true. Woookeiiiiii. We did. In fact it kind of freaked me out that I made it again and again. But alas, I have to concur that ajal dan maut dah ditentukan. Terima sahaja lah apa yang akan datang. Insya Allah, all part of His plans.

Now Dome is playing the yesteryears favourite… “Killing me softly, with his song…”… And my battery is still charging.


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