11am Sunday. We just came back from brekky. Slowly, routine is seeping back in. Yesterday was a semi productive day. Sarah went out with one of the AFS boys from Belgium to KLCC while we went to another of our ‘help us recuperate treatments’. Mutti was not too happy with us when she learnt we didn’t even asked the name of the boy Sarah went out with, or his phone number or how he looks like etc. She sternly reminded us that whatever happened to Sarah in this big city is our responsibility, so please don’t be too slack especially when she goes out on her own. Err ok.
I guess we have a lot to learn where taking care of teenagers are concerned… It was just 2 decades ago that we were teenagers ourselves so… 😀

Hubby went for cupping yesterday while I went for Chinese acupuncture point massage, both next door to each other. Cupping or blood letting or in Arabic is called Ijamah, is a sunnah of the Rasulullah s.a.w to rid the body of any toxic found in the blood, for better overall health. In all of his lifetime, Rasulullah s.a.w had been ill only twice with fever, once when he got the first revelation at the onset of prophethood and the 2nd time when he was about to pass away. He attributed his excellent health to, amongst many others : regular cupping, stop eating before one is full and regular weekly fasting on Mondays and Thursdays. We have been practicing this sunnah since 6 years ago because there are many clinics here offering cupping services by trained medical doctors and nurses with up to date cupping facilities and equipments. And of course, because we love its after effect.

I gave cupping a miss this time and instead went to have acupuncture massage next door, where the therapist from China was in her element, pressing my acupuncture points as she kneaded me like a roti prata dough. Sakkiittt nak mampzzz! I yelled at some point and the more I yell the more she pressed. I thought I was being a wussy when next door, I heard a man yelled out in pain, louder than I did, and then I started giggling non stop. And the more I giggled, the harder she pressed and the louder I yell. And the louder I yelled, the louder the man next door yelled. Omg. So kecoh.

After the whole ordeal was over, we went home and I fell into a deep 8 hour slumber from 3 pm to almost midnight. I woke up feeling brand new. That was the best sleep I’ve had in ages. So no pain, no gain huh? Traditional Chinese Theraphy rocks big time!


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