Some more


Last ten days, old friend from Singapore joined us and that was when our awesome threesome adventures around Makkah began.


Hubby going for umrah.


Another old friend joined us. One of my travel kakis in those swinging single days. oh Eda! Thanks to you I can’t see another water spray!


The night to remember. 27th Ramadan and me and my bright ideas suggested that the 3 of us go for umrah, without knowing that’s the culmination of Ramadan in Makkah where 3.5 million pilgrims would converge at Masjidil Haram for that ‘last kopek’ attempt at getting laylaturqadar. Oh my… What an adventure and hilarious and scary chapter we had that night!


We ended up having to play ‘jelon’ with the police.


And walk a faaaar way out to even get the van to take us to Tana’im since every space inch around the 1km radius of the kaabah is taken up by people, people and more people.


Night walk on the 28th….


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