11 August

12.30 am, 23rd Ramadan, 11 August. The night was nice and breezy. We had just completed another round of umrah. It was the best decision this time to do umrah after isya instead of in the morning. Yes, the crowd is horrendous at night for umrah but it’s cooler and I could indulge in as much ice cold zam zam along the way. It was very enjoyable in fact.

THEN, he said as a matter of fact. “Today is 11 August.” Err yeah, so? ” I proposed to you on 11 August, remember?”

Ahhh! Now I remember. How could I forget this date. A few years before the 11 August I was proposed on, I ended a relationship with a 11 of August birthday boy. To this day, he is still sore about it, with grapevines amongst common friends saying he still carries the statement ” She could have dumped me on any other day but she chose my birthday!” In my defense, I don’t think I was/am heartless. I am just terrible with dates. If I had remembered it was his birthday, I probably would have ended it say, the next morning? Heh.

Anyway the irony of it all is, in my first umrah trip, I had prayed in front of the Kaabah for that relationship to last etc. A year later I ended it, a few years later, on the same day I hurt someone unintentionally, I was proposed, a good 8 years later here I am, on an umrah, on the 11 of August with him, whom I really didn’t see coming along my way at anytime.

Life is very funny, hor?

p.s almost 40, 11 of August birthday boy is still single and available. Any takers? 😀


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