Night of Power

Malam ini malam 21 Ramadan. Mulai malam hingga ke malam raya, jutaan manusia di Makkah tidak akan tidur, untuk mencari Malam LaylaturQadar atau The Night of Power. Malam di mana Allah telah menjanjikan di dalam Quran sebagai malam lebih baik dari seribu bulan, di mana semua permintaan yang baik dikotakan dan semua dosa-dosa setinggi gunung akan diampunkan bagi mereka yang meminta. Apakan lagi yang berada di bawah naungan Kaabah, di mana semua amalan baik diberi ganjaran 100 000 kali ganda. Who in the right mind here, would like to sleep it off, right? What if the night we sleep is the night of power? So rugi kan.

The schedule for the last ten nights of Ramadan in Makkah is like this. Iftar, Break, Isya’, Terawih– which usually ends at 11pm, break and then Imam Sudais, the grand Imam of Masjidil Haram will lead in tahajjud and munajat session till 3am. Then we sahur and clean up while waiting for subuh at 4plus am. Very hectic but that’s the last stretch of our stay here so everyone is gearing up for it. The old people in our group, I haven’t any clue how they find their energy for worship like they do here. They are so full of zest and energy and raring to go while I dah mengah-mengah dah. And they are well into their late 70s and early 80s mind you. As one of them told me, in their age, they have nothing else to look forward to, all their kids and grandkids are grown up, they have lived their lives and now they just want to prepare themselves to go ‘home’ to their Creator. Hence their excitement in being here.

I pray for everyone who is seeking to get laylaturqadar. Insya Allah we will be granted all our good wishes and dreams and be granted the ultimate forgiveness…



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