Selamat Tinggal Ya Rasulullah

Today we prepare to leave this blessed city of Medinah Al Munawarrah. We will say goodbye to the beloved prophet and his companions who were buried here and will be on our way to do our first round of Umrah for this trip. It was a teary farewell, as we made our way to the Raudhah where his makam is. Alhamdulillah, I managed to stand right next to the makam and there, I couldn’t really talk. Tried as I might to compose myself, I couldn’t stop sobbing. Here is Rasulullah next to me and do I even deserve this? Of all his sunnahs I carelessly ignored, of all his guidance I turned deaf ears to, of the times …. If only people know.

As I bade him farewell and sent my Salam to Abu Bakr and Umar may peace be on them both, I asked Rasulullah to keep inviting me and Amran here again and again year after year with our teachers who have taught us about him and who have been our models for following his sunnah. And also, I asked him to invite everyone whom I know, especially those who are dear to me like my family members and companions and friends. May they get this special invitation to be here the soonest possible.

I love you Ya Rasulullah. More than my father and husband. More then myself. More than anything else in this world. I just want to be with you in Jannah. Everything else are just plastics of this world.


Amran walking towards Raudhah to bid his farewell. If I think I love Rasulullah, Amran showed me and guided as to how to do it. By following his sunnah.


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