Do it with style

I read that the temperature in Saudi is now 51-52 deg. I have sensitive skin and the temperature can lead to potential peeling and other reactions. So I decided to get myself a niqab ie the face cover predominantly used in the Arab culture. But I am no Arab wannabe. They are all in black and that’s boring. I got myself a pink niqab. I tried it and felt like a Hello Kitty ninja.

I am all packed and ready. For my non ihram attire, I have pink and purple telekung. For my ziarah, I have the long jilbab in green and white polka dot. And bright orange shoes, the colour of the Dutch jersey. I am 34 years old. I don’t wish to be an Umrah granny. Nak ibadah pun kena ada style beb. My style. Which is not to conform. 😀




One thought on “Do it with style

  1. Ha ha Hello Kitty Ninja ! I have a niqab for the same purpose, for sun protection only no religious reason, mine is blue paisley pattern and as I almost only ever wear black clothing I guess it would be so I purposely don’t look like an Arab/Wahabi too 🙂 (Although I have not needed it much since discovering sunscreen with Helioplex, it actually works on my lily white, allergic to everything skin).

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