Last Kopek

2.20 am. These days, I have been having as much as 3 espresso a day. No kidding. I had super sweet teh tarek just now to prepare me for the whole night of sleepless night. I am still working, but now taking a break. Amran is downstairs packing away. We had our last dinner with Sarah just now. We let her taste roti canai. She loved it.

Amran gave her a prep talk about school and shared with her his experiences good and bad. He even stressed on the parts when he was called names etc. Sarah said AFS had briefed them about that as well, so she is prepared. I told Sarah, if anyone bullies her, tell them they have up to next month to get their acts together as her foster parents are aikidokas and would be back by then. heh :D. Amran won’t have to do much though. All he needs to do is to start his long winded speech about the evils of bullying and I am pretty sure any bully would beg him for mercy to stop.

After all the Sarah briefing and leaving no stones un-turned, I think Sarah is well and ok for school. So we took her around the neighbourhood, letting her see what she would never find in Germany, or Singapore for that matter. We took her to the bus stop outside the library where the elderly couple, a pakcik and a makcik is selling nasi lemak berlauk. It was 11pm and business is brisk for them. Sarah took pictures and got herself and Amran nasi lemak, a kosong one for her as she is vegetarian.

The whole day we received visits and whatsapps from friends. Alhamdulillah, we have many great ones. Family members from Singapore called too. Last year’s umrah, ada rasa sikit punya sebak. First time umrah dengan Amran. Masa tu Mutti ada di Germany. Then kita telefon teksi. Berdua je pergi airport, early in the morning. Kalaulah kat Singapore, busuk-busuk Mak dengan Bapak mesti hantar kat airport kan? Tapi besok best. Mutti and Sarah will be sending us off. Tak lah sebak sangat kan? šŸ˜€ And our flight tak lah pagi sangat pun this time so many other friends offered to send us too, but we said no, your prayers are enough. Tanak susahkan orang lah. KLIA bukan macam Changi Airport pegi Tampines kan?

Suddenly I feel like laughing. I just remembered what happened at last year’s umrah. One of our group mates was innocently standing near the black stone i.e hajar aswad. One Turkish granny, a very old one at that, got so frustrated and upset at something, God knows what, suddenly turned around and gave him a random punch in the face. He was like whaddahecckkk. I found it funny. He didn’t at that point, but after that he laughed about it too. May I be protected from frustrated, crowd and heat weary people. Especially angry grannies. They turn into ferocious monsters there, probably out of fear.

Maaf Zahir Batin!


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