Kucing Melayu

Sarah made an observation. Since she arrived, she noticed that there are just too many eating places in Malaysia. Like everywhere she goes, she sees food places and people eating at all hours. Even during their orientation camp with the AFS, she said they were constantly fed. Of course, we told her. This is Malaysia. Everyone eats all the time no matter what time. Somehow, Malaysians are always hungry.

Today after taking her out for breakfast, she said she wanted to go home and catch up with her sleep. Since on Mondays I only teach in the afternoon, I decided to join the gang for lunch at Alubah’s and left Sarah sleeping at home. At about 1.30pm she whatsapped me that she just woke up. This was our conversation:

Me: I have lunch for you. Will be back in an hour ok?
Sarah: Ah thank you! Ok πŸ™‚
Me: Tito disturb you sleep?
Sarah: no:) but he wanted to go out of my room because he was hungry πŸ˜€
Me: haha. She is always hungry. Ok rest well. There is milk and juice in the fridge. Just help yourself.
Sarah: haha. She’s a Malay cat πŸ˜€ okay thanks!

I laughed out loud reading the last sentence. I read it to everyone at the table and they cracked up too. After that no one dared accept second helpings, with the excuse ‘No thanks, we can’t be too Malay if we want to lose weight”
Perhaps she is right. Maybe if Tito had been European instead of Malaysian cat, I won’t spend as much on cat food as I do now. Heh.

This morning we took Sarah to Pasar Besar TTDI for Malay breakfast. She had to order her drink herself from the mamak drink stall in full Malay. She stood in front of the stall for a long time practising. Finally, she said it loud and clear ” teh O ais limau satu!” .. The amused mamak went woookeiiiiii gleefully. She had mee goreng telur and teh O ais limau, which she said was really tasty.


At night, I taught her how to eat the Malay way, using hands.


And duduk bersimpuh. All she passed with flying colours, with more practice needed of course. Then we learnt opposites. Kanan kiri, gemuk kurus etc.

I found Baju Kurung sewing class in the neighbourhood. She’s game for it so I shall register September class for both of us. Lepas ni kalau dah boring mengajar, boleh tukar profession jadi kakak tailor pulak. Ahaks. See… I was right. Sarah is taming me. For crying out loud, me, in sewing class??? Demi Sarah, ku rela buang pedang untuk jadi kakak tailor for one weekend!


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