Hari Pertama

Just as I thought it would happen, Mutti ended up going with Amran to the handing over ceremony at Dynasty a hotel, while I got live updates via whatsapp. While going through multiplications of fractions with the class, my phone beeped and I saw this message : ok, made contact with Sarah. She knows which one am I. She looks super nervous.

Like duh. With his stature and his ‘bengis’ face, siapa tak nervous beb? But I know, at that moment, he was ten times more nervous than Sarah. Apparently the students had a pageant and then group performance so by the time they reached home after dropping mutti off, it was well after zuhur.

It was love at first sight for Tito.She allowed Sarah to touch her. And then rolled so that Sarah would carry her. When Sarah did, she purred so loudly as though she had known Sarah forever. Then the unimaginable happened. She turned into Sarah’s stalker. She waited outside the bathroom for Sarah to finish. She hung outside Sarah’s door and refused to budge until Sarah opens the door.

I think she has a girl crush on Sarah.

Our first meal with Sarah was at IKANO where we took her to GreenLife Vegetarian. And teh tarek. You can’t be in Malaysia without drinking the national drink can you?


Then off to Bata. As the jinggle goes, first to Bata then to School!

Sri Aman uniform includes black shoes and black socks.

Then we went mall hopping around the neighbourhood to look for a school uniform shop. Sarah was overwhelmed. She said that there are 3 big malls in Bremen but just in our neighbourhood there are 3 HUGE malls? Well… Welcome to Asia :D. We went to One Utama, the huge mall across the road from our neighbourhood. Sarah almost cringed when she learnt that one level of the mall is 1km. And there are levels. LoL.

We found Outpost, the shop selling school uniforms and there, we turned her into a Sri Aman girl.

A non Friday uniform.

Friday uniform.

After all the shopping looking for school stuffs, we were all so exhausted as even Sarah had a late night last night. So much so that Amran accidentally left his smartphone on top of the parking ticket booth and now it is missing, with all his important datas in it. Kesian. Cobaaan.

A few things we discovered today about each other: my ambition was to become a journalist when I grow up. That’s Sarah’s ambition now. Exactly at the age when I had that ambition. Both Sarah and myself call our Singaporean grandmothers Nyai. We all love to write and we love photography. All three of us love languages.AND, she said she has dual citizenship sooo. I am NOT outnumbered after all. I finally have a Singaporean in da house babey.
At this moment, she bonds better with Amran because of the language factor. Sometimes there are things she needed to say but couldn’t find the English word to say it and she immediately looked at Amran and say it German who will find the right word for her. They are a tag team like that for now.

I hope the lost and found of One Utama finds Amran’s phone. While both myself and Sarah can afford to rest now, he is at Digi Centre trying to block his phone. Really kesian.


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