It is 3.41 am which means in a few hours, Sarah will be handed over to us for a year in a tea session at Dynasty Hotel, where all the AFS student exchange kids have been staying since Thursday. Her room is ready, at least for the next 6 months as we will be moving house in December insya-Allah. Mutti’s contract as a German Language teacher at the university will come to a final closure this November and she will say goodbye to working life and her shuttling back and forth Germany-Malaysia schedule. Paul, her partner is waiting for her back for good in Oberusel and since we don’t have any kids of our own for her to linger around Asia anymore, she will bid us aufwiedersein in December. Which means we take over the current house she is staying in and bid goodbye to this cosy rental.

With Sarah coming, our cosy little family will grow to 4. I am totally outnumbered. 1 Singaporean vs 3 German nationals. It is the Majulah Singapura vs Deutschland Deutschland über alles. Sigh. I wonder what Sarah would think of us. Maybe we are the teenagers she needs to tame.

I dropped the bomb to Amran 2 days ago.
Me: This Sunday you would have to go to the handover tea session with Mutti ok? I have replacement class to teach.
Amran: Ok. No problem.
(Saturday, later in the day Mutti called and said she wouldn’t make it)
Amran: Eh..Mutti not going! So how?
Me: Go on your own lah what’s the problem?
Amran: Me ? Go and take Sarah on my own??? (muka panic giler)
Me: What’s the problem? All you need to do is to attend the tea session, briefing and then bring her back. Simple right?
Amran: But but what am I going to do?? What am I going to say to her???
Me: Err start with Halo Sarah? (rolled my eyes)

I want to remember his expression for the rest of my life. My 6 footer husband, who had been on rigs in choppy seas, a martial artist who can flick grown men across the room and possibly break their necks with just a twist of his fingers— suddenly looked like he was afraid for his life at the prospect of meeting a teenager who is going to be his foster kid for a year. It’s hilarious. And endearingly cute.


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