Pringles dah habis

I know I am in über stress mode when I finished a whole bottle of sour cream Pringles in one go. And downed it with half a big bottle of icy cold ginger ale. I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed. We are leaving next Friday and there are too many things to do prior to that, which are still hanging. My fault. I was idiotic enough to follow Euro 2012 religiously sampai mata bengkak. In the words of Bujang Lapok, nah amek kaoo.

Amran was smarter. Oh well he is always the smarter Mr Brainy Smurf. He chose to sleep through the matches and get things done. The disciplined engineer vs the throw caution to the wind teacher. Sometimes I wonder how we ended up together, but I digress.

Anyhow, I managed to settle most of Sarah’s things especially the paperwork. Amran is so busy that he left everything in my hands to settle because his handover at work is a lot, considering we are leaving in the midst of his big project. (Ye lah tuuuu. Alasan semata. :S )
But to be fair to him, he has been ok with dinner out almost every night, with my current frenzy, dapur tak berasap lama dah… Takpe lah. Nanti Raya mintak maaf zahir batin, heh.

I am going to stop bootcamp lah rasanya. Will continue lepas Raya nanti insya Allah. Aikido training pun dah stop. Now is the last stretch before the big trip. Everyone asked lamanya pegi umrah? Dari sebelum puasa sampai Raya pertama? Wellll… Adalah cerita disebalik this long trip. For next time. Maybe nanti kat airport tunggu flight boleh cerita.

Last Saturday I went for my mengaji class with ummi. She is here on a 3 month break visiting her kids.


Ummi’s name is really Asma. She is an Ustazah from Acheh. She was the Ustazah and the pillar of strength for the Muslim ladies in Brisbane where we were years ago. She majored in al Quran and Sunnah in University Acheh. She married a Scottish Aussie and have 6 grown kids, most of whom are our friends. Her kids and Amran grew up one street away in the Kg Tunku house where Mutti is currently staying. The famous hijabi Malaysian TV personality WardinaSafiyyah is her daughter. I have always admired her in the way she does her da’wah. Her soft mannerism, her wisdom, her non-imposing nature and her depth of knowledge despite being so humble. Everyone calls her Ummi in Aussie. That’s mother in Arabic. She may not be our real mother, but she might as well be one as we put our love and trust in her guiding us to the right path. Her kids are all reflections of her moulding. Professionals, empowered, spiritual and knowledgeable. They had the same personality crisis growing up as mix breed kids in Malaysia as Amran, but I guess Ummi’s wisdom buffered them through nicely.

So after mengaji that Saturday morning I had this conversation with ummi.

Ummi: Lina ada soalan ke?
Me: Soalan takde Ummi, cuma nak share aje. Minggu depan kita dapat anak angkat ummi, untuk setahun…
Ummi: Apa susahnya Lina.. Kan cikgu. Dah biasa dengan budak-budak.
Me: Ye ummi, tapi kan tu kat sekolah, habis kelas diaorang balik rumah mak bapak diaorang. Kita tak pernah ada anak. Anak kucing berlambak lah. Ni tiba-tiba nak jaga remaja setahun. Ngeri ummi. Tak tau apa nak buat.
Ummi: Lina belajar sejarah Rasulullah kan?
Me: Belajarrrr….
Ummi: Apa Rasulullah suruh kita buat dengan remaja? Apa yang dia buat dgn remaja zaman dia?
Me: Dia buat kawan, Ummi …ajak diaorang bermain panah, berbincang, selalu senyum kat diaorang, tak bercakap kasar dengan diaorang and selalu dengar pendapat diaorang…
Ummi: Hah .. Tau pun! So You can do this, ok?
Me: ok…. ( masa tu masih tak sure lah tapi bila sekarang ingat-ingat balik pesan Ummi, terus legaaa)


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