Kindness breeds another

I need a break therefore I blog. Alhamdulillah, some help coming along my way in the form of the UIA girls who attend the Halaqah at our house every Friday evenings. Since it is too late for them to go back to the hostel after the Halaqah ends at around 10 ish and UIA campus is all the way on the other side of town, they usually sleep over and go back to the hostel on Saturday, either morning or afternoon, depending on what time we can send them to the nearest LRT station. They are all Singaporeans and to their mothers, I am their guardian here. Whenever they need overnight passes for anything or need permission to go for any retreats or whatever, they quote my name and their mothers will be ok with it. Of course, on my part I make sure that I really do know what they are up to so as to fulfil this trust their mothers have upon me. In return, they offer me help whenever I need it. And now, I need it badly.

They offered to clear the entire back room for Sarah and do a thorough clean up and to decorate it. I accepted gleefully. Seriously dah tak larat nak buat sendiri. They offered to iron all the contents of the umrah luggage I would be bringing and I almost did the rain dance. They also offered to prepare food for the Halaqah this Friday night and I yelped. With all that in their hands, I can concentrate on my final lurch of writing, editing and teaching before next week’s Friday 13th…
Just when I was at the verge of a nervous breakdown, these adik-adik whom I have enjoyed being the guardian to, showed that they are watching me too, to see that I am ok and coping. Alhamdulillah.


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