2 wisdom less

Within the last 7 days of the week, I extracted 2 wisdom teeth from the same side of my mouth. The bottom one decayed, giving me a stressful pressure that pressed upon my gums. The upper one hurts right through my head. I later found out that the bottom one was impacted and it pressed upon the other tooth next to it. And it has partially decayed. The upper one is decaying with a big hole in it. To add icing to the wound, I was also diagnosed with periodontal, a gum disease which needed thorough treatment.

Damn my sweet fetish. Now I am paying the price of it, both in ringgits and sen (actually that’s not quite true. My husband paid for it) and also painfully pays the lesson of going through the post surgical pain, bloody mouth and soft food diet.

By hey. I am not in Palestine. So alhamdulillah.


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