It does not matter anymore…

In her visit to one of the ‘Shaykha’ (feminine for Shaykh) of one of the Sufi orders in Egypt, Willow, the person in ButterflyMosque who wrote about her journey in her life got a nugget of advice from the Shaykha about life. The Shaykha told her to ‘take care of her own house’.

That line spoke to me as I read it, again and again. Shaykh Hamza Yusuf in an interview with the SalazarProduction team, when they were filming The Alchemy of Happiness said that “we are living in troubled times”, times where everything is questioned and everything will turn topsy turvy. Put two and two together, take care of our own house (i.e ourselves and our family members) in troubled times such as now.

I look around and indeed, the time of chaos as prophesied is indeed here. This will in turn be replaced by the return of the Khilafah as promised. And then, it should be the end soon. In times like this, at night when I sit alone and contemplate, I sometimes look back at my life if I have lived a life that mattered, and if I am prepared to go back and be with my Creator the way He wants me to be. And that time could be a minute after I type this down.

Willow also wrote, in the beginning of the book, ‘Since the big things are too much for me to handle, I learnt to let the small things pass.’ Somehow, I am at the point of my life where I am there, exactly at that sentence. The big things, in my life, basically myself– is already a handful for me to handle. To prepare myself to go back to my Creator, clean and acceptable is already gargantuan task. And to seek knowledge as ordained by HIM is already a humongous effort, to be a good person to the T is not easy because I am no saint— so where do I have the time and energy, really to bother about the small things which are inconsequential?

So distractions, please leave me. I have a lot to do.


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