Over our own

..’And HE is the best of ALL planners’ so said the verse in the Quran. Memang betul pun. Hari minggu tu at the carpark of the neighbourhood masjid, the husband’s tab beeped and came an email from Amman, Jordan. “They have cancelled the summer semester until further notice,” said the husband.

I was disappointed of course, as I have been looking forward to spending the whole month of June on a short sabbatical in Jordan for intensive Arabic studies. I have never been to Jordan, and it would certainly be exciting to be learning under the shaykhs whom all these while have been visiting scholars whom I met in Singapore/Malaysia/Australia. But nevertheless, there would be a hikmah behind this and HE knows best. Maybe, we are not meant to spend a month in Jordan, but a month somewhere else. Waullauhalam.


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