Sometimes, we come across people who are mean and nasty to us. Personally I have seen quite plenty, especially in the dog eat dog world of the working place for the last 13 years or so. What do we do with these kinds? Cut ties with them? I would and I have. Unfortunately, I learnt that is something not quite right to do.

Never break ties with anyone, because no one knows if that person is going to be a much better person than us in the future, and if we ever need his or her help in some situation, or that they may inspire us to do something good in another time.

Another thing I learnt today was on the Sufi lady Rabiatul Adawiyah. One day, before praying her fajr, she made a mental note that she was going to do something after she had done her fajr prayers. Then after her fajr prayers, she got so upset with herself for even thinking that, because what makes her think that she was going to be still alive after fajr prayers? And because she was so upset with herself, she wrote a sonnet about this, chiding herself.

And now, she has me chiding myself for thinking and formulating tahun ni raya nak balik naik apa. Plane ke coach ke kereta ke. Macam betul. Ntah masih ada nyawa dikandung badan ke tidak time Ramadan. Jangan cakap Ramadan. Kejap lagi nak turun bawah, tidur, ntah besok pagi bangun ke tidak.

Now I understand why she is upset with herself. Now I am upset with myself.


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