April no Fool

Soon April will come and both my marriage and myself will be a year older. This year has proven to be quite exciting. A lot of travelling around, a lot of writing and I went back to school officially.

I am with this insitution so far I am loving it:

School– My classes for the foundations diploma here are online at the moment but for the Seeker’s Degree, I would have to do it full time in Jordan. Let’s see if I can reach that far.

I am thankful– no. I am beyond thankful that my spouse is also a seeker, so he understands and supports me fully in my quest to seek knowledge, both financially and emotionally. In fact, he is in School 2 with me and we are both in the same course. I cannot imagine if I have this thirst for learning and my spouse not only do not want to support it, but is opposed to the idea as well? That would certainly make my life difficult. So alhamdulillah for this blessing.

When April comes, it will be our trip to Palembang insya Allah. Why Palembang? Because I would like to see the capital of the then mighty Sriwijaya Empire, which brought about so many evolution in the language, culture and religion of the Nusantara region back then. I cannot wait for this trip.


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