The Big Game

We went to watch The Hunger Game movie just now. I left the theater feeling somewhat disturbed that this is the kind of movie teenagers are exposed to these days. All the gory and blood and images of teenagers killing other teenagers brutally to ‘survive’.

Ok confession. The adult in me enjoyed the movie, but the teacher in me is horrified. Go figure.

One of my friends swore off having kids, claiming that this ugly bad world is no place to bring up children anymore. I saw her point and where she is coming from. However, my personal view contradicts that. If we leave all the forces of evil to do as they like and to keep on breeding, without breeding the right kind of forces (i.e raising good kids to become good people), then we ourselves are contributing to the big ugly world, because where we can, we instead choose to become passive watchers.

Her response to that?

“I am not that optimistic”

And I made up my mind, that she is evil. 😀


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